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Our entry for Ludum Dare 33!

Let's start with the idea for our game:

People are living peacefully in a fantasy world because the heroes have successfully conquered the whole continent. You take the role of a villain monster spirit that has to cause doom, destruction and death. Gain power by causing chaos and create more powerful threats to take over the world!

And now what is actually happening:

Villagers walk out of the village to gather resources. You can create Monsters (very agressive Bunnies) and place them on the resource fields to attack villagers trying to gather there. When villagers gather enough food they'll reproduce. More villagers mean more victims! Kill all villagers to finish the game.


Left Mouse Button -> Select something

Right Mouse Button -> Deselect something

Known Issues

UI does not really work when playing fullscreen on a 16:9 (or similar) screen with a 4:3 (or similar) resolution.


Linux.zip 29 MB
MAC.zip 29 MB
Windows.zip 18 MB